Director’s Message

Director’s Message

This is exciting time in the history of management of facilities in India. More and more world class buildings built with state of the art technologies are rapidly dotting on the horizon. The management of facilities in them poses a formidable challenge. The owners and users of facilities are looking forward to extremely capable facility providers who can manage them with world class standards and at an affordable cost.

Nimbus Harbor perceives the challenge well and has organized itself to provide “one stop solution” to integrated facilities. Nimbus Harbor is led and driven by a team of brilliant Facility Managers, extremely rich in experience, with clear foresight and analytical skills to meet the client needs and expectations.

Nimbus Harbor offers cutting edge solutions to client’s facility management needs. With a highly comprehensive management information system with a quest for exploring and developing efficient processes. Nimbus Harbor today is potent entity to meet the client expectations.

A one – of – its – kind facility management brand in this part of India, Nimbus Harbor conducts its business by being in constant touch with the ground realities with a client centric approach.

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Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd. (Mangalore)
Environmental cleaning

Home, office, shopping, watching movie, working in a manufacturing unit, relaxing in your residential complex, taking a flight or attending someone at a hospital...

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Rajesh Malpani, Emerson Management process

Nimbus Harbor provides us with a first class service; they are reliable; responsive, focused,friendly and fast We find them cost effective and use them as a "one stop shop" for all ourrequirements in practice.